This website was built with the intention of providing residents of Medicine Hat and visitors with an insight into the past of this unique city.  Medicine Hat became a city in 1905 at the same time that Alberta became a province of Canada.  However, this community first really sprang to life in 1883 when the Canadian Pacific Railway opened the newly constructed railway bridge.  This allowed rail service to continue on to Calgary and beyond to Vancouver.

What really accelerated growth here was the discovery of natural gas in about 1900.  Shortly thereafter a way was found to generate electricity using steam created from river water.  These, in turn, allowed brick and pottery manufacturing centres to start up here.

The combination of natural gas, electricity, nearby clay deposits and rail transportation accelerated the development of manufacturing such that by 1912 and 1913 there was a wide variety of plants here including a brass foundry, a candy factory, and a crayon factory along with flour mills and many other businesses.  This resulted in a quickly burgeoning population, accompanied by a housing boom with many early structures built of brick.  The various sections of this website provides you with a primarily pictorial view of the history of this wonderful community.

One section of this website titled DESIGNATED SITES refers to those structures that have been designated as Municipal Heritage sites by way of the Heritage Resources Committee (HRC) and a very supportive City Council.  The  section titled HISTORIC SITES contains information on those structures which do not (yet ?) have Designated status.

Earl Morris, creator and primary contributor.  I can be contacted at regarding any corrections or additional information worthy of including.